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The second largest country in the world, Canada offers a wealth of historic and other tourist attractions and must-see top events and festivals.

Top 20 Events and Festivals in Canada

Based on the input and discovery of our staff here at TOP EVENTS CANADA, suggestions from local tourist authorities, as well as from readers and travelers from Canada and all over the world here you will find the top 20 events in Canada that in their opinion really need to be talked about.

From the comedy of the world famous Just for Laughs Festival in Montréal, Québec, to the over 44 cultural pavilions of the Folklorama Festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and from the Celebration of Light fireworks in Vancouver, British Columbia, to the Toronto International Film Festival in Ontario, Canada has plenty to offer travellers and visitors in the way of events and festivals.

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Top Events and Festivals in Canada in each Province and Territory

This selection of best events Canada offers more detailed information about the best events and festivals across all of Canada

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Top Events and Festivals in Canada by Theme

This section of TOP EVENTS CANADA details the top events and festivals of Canada as per their themes or major topics, from the top music events to winter events and even gay pride events.

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Featured Events and Festivals in Canada in more detail

Deatils of some of the best Canada events featured aboard TOP EVENTS CANADA – here accented with full length articles.

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All these selections of events and festivals were compiled with the input of many travel journalists, experts on Canadian tourism, travel professionals and travel agents, tourism offices, the attractions themselves, and of course, most importantly, public opinion.

If you have any comments about the selections, or would like to nominate a new feature, please email the Chief Editors, Ursula and Eldrid Retief at editors.ursula.eldrid@topeventscanada.com

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Top 20 Events in Canada

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